Experienced and Knowledgeable Attorneys

Attorneys provide legal services to small businesses, companies, families, and individuals. They may represent entrepreneurial clients and established businesses, as well. A general practice law firm can assist when you have a wide range of legal matters and are poised to be your advocate and partner for all your legal concerns.

Personal Attention Makes the Difference

There is an alternative to highly corporatized law firms that are assembled by mergers or constructed on associate leverage and driven by the need to meet billable hour quotas. In situations such as these, your needs can easily get lost in the shuffle of a huge multi-office law business. That’s why clients seek out general practice attorneys who provide personalized attention. Clients work directly with lawyers who are leading practitioners in their field, not just paralegals or support staff. Furthermore, these attorneys have the experience and knowledge to provide result-oriented, creative, and cost-effective representation. The direct involvement of our lawyers means not only personal attention but aggressive and focused problem-solving.

Small Individual Matters to Major Business Transactions

Lawyers strive to provide the highest quality of legal work with integrity. They work diligently to earn the respect and confidence of their clients. Attorneys navigate small individual matters to  major business transactions with creativity, determination, and aggressiveness for a spectrum of corporate and individual clients. They may provide nationwide and global reach with a preeminent focus on personal value and service. The law firm’s attorneys may concentrate their practices in some of the following areas:

  • Family law
  • Trusts and estates
  • Asset Protection
  • Accounting law 
  • Income tax and tax law
  • Civil litigation
  • Personal injury
  • Real estate law
  • Matrimonial and divorce law
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Business reorganization
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Creditors’ rights
  • Corporate trust and agency
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property
  • Internet and technology
  • Privacy and cybersecurity
  • Healthcare
  • Promotions law
  • Equipment lease financing
  • Legal ethics and law firm practice
  • Global outsourcing and procurement
  • Hospitality, food service, and restaurants
  • Labor and employment
  • Employee benefits
  • Private funds
  • Securities Litigation
  • Securities and capital markets
  • White-collar criminal defense 
  • Government investigations

Establishing Stable Long-Term Relationships

When you need an attorney, you want one who will manage your individual and business concerns professionally and profitably. One that has diverse abilities and pride in their work, and can write, speak, recognize the press, engage in professional activities, and maintain community involvement for you. Attorneys with a wide range of legal focus can get to know you personally, and are prepared to take meetings and make communications to determine your legal needs.

Attorneys strive to serve you by establishing stable, long-term relationships and making attention, responsiveness, and service to you their leading priorities. They achieve this by taking on a high level of concern about your legal matters, by maintaining a high level of productivity, by utilizing technology, by committing to creativity and success, by being devoted to problem-solving, and by planning for your future. Indeed, an attorney who knows you well and partners with you for life can be a substantial asset when it comes to sitting down at the bargaining table or in the courtroom.