Commons Questions About Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury claim as a result of a car accident can be a messy situation. It may require long periods of waiting, constant back-and-forth between insurance companies, confusing state negligence laws, and numerous other factors to keep track of. In the end, you might wonder if it’s worth your time and money, or if you should take the quick settlement to get compensated now and move on. These are some of the top questions you might have moving into a potential personal injury claim and how to best handle this stressful time.

What Documents Should You Keep Through the Process?
Personal injury claims require a lot of evidence to get properly compensated for your injuries. This is because you are most likely filing the claim with the negligent driver’s insurance, and they won’t want to pay any more than they have to for your claim. To make sure they can’t cheat you out of any deserved money, you should keep track of all your medical documents and reports, including the initial checkup you received immediately following the accident, so that you can offer it as proof later. You’ll also want to keep track of police reports, photos of the accident and eyewitness statements should you need those as well.

How Do You Pay Your Bills While the Claim Is Being Processed?
Filing a claim can be a long process. The more money that’s at stake to win, the more the insurance company paying will want to double-check they’ve done all they can to lower the amount. That leaves you stuck with the bill until they come through. You can usually get your bills covered by health insurance in the meantime, and your lawyer may be able to negotiate a reimbursement for extra costs later. If you have personal injury protection coverage included in your insurance, you can file through that no matter who is at fault.

Should You Settle Early?
Settling early means getting much-needed money faster, but it’s often not advised. You may have more injuries arise later that were caused by the same crash, but you won’t be able to get money from the insurance company for them if you’ve already settled. The insurance company may also want you to settle before you’ve spoken to an attorney in attempts to underpay you.

If you feel your personal injury claim may be worth more than the insurance company is telling you, talk to a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN. They can help you decide what the proper amount is and how best to continue with your case.

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