Parenting Issues Family Lawyers Handle

family lawyer Cypress, TXIf you are going through an issue with an ex that involves your child, you may want to consider meeting with a family lawyer about your situation. When you are no longer together with your partner but are raising a child together, there are a number of difficult situations and challenges that can arise. You may be willing to make a compromise, but the other person is not. Once issues become legal issues and affect your rights, talking to a lawyer is highly beneficial. There are many parenting issues that a lawyer can help you resolve. 

Custodial Rights

The court will examine factors such as the child’s age, place of residence and their own preference to determine who will have primary custody of the child. The parent who has primary custody can raise their child in their home, and can make decisions such as the child’s school, healthcare, and religion. Custodial rights can be revised and modified, as a qualified family lawyer can tell you, like one from Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC. If you are seeking to be a custodial parent or want split custody, you need to have a strong argument to convince the court to approve the request. A lawyer can increase your chances so that you can obtain and preserve custodial rights. 

Visitation Rights 

Visitation is determined by the court if the parents are unable to agree to a visitation plan on their own. Visitation rights are critical for the non-custodial parent. They need the valuable time to bond with their child, and form and maintain a strong connection with them. However, some parents who have these rights face difficulty in establishing a schedule with their ex who may attempt to limit their time with their child. To ensure that your visitation rights are protected, contact a lawyer right away if you believe that your visitation rights are being violated. 

Communication Issues  

One of the biggest issues that coparenting people make involves communication. One person may be so angry with their ex that they no longer want to have a productive conversation. This can get in the way of important matters that affect your child’s ability to be raised in a loving and caring home. It is important to resolve communication issues as respectfully and swiftly as possible for the sake of your child. A family lawyer can advise you on how to resolve conflicts with your ex. 

If you have been experiencing a parenting issue for some time, but do not know how to move forward or would like more information about your rights, a skilled and experienced family lawyer who has assisted clients with parental issues can assist you. Whether you are having problems creating a co-parenting agreement or believe that your ex is preventing you from seeing your child, a lawyer can assess your case. They can assess your situation and advise you on how to handle it in the most peaceful way possible that serves the best interest of your child. For more information about legal services available, schedule a consultation with a trusted family lawyer immediately.