Traffic Tickets: What if the officer does not show up to court?

One of the most common questions our traffic ticket lawyers are asked is whether their case will be dismissed when the ticketing officer does not show up at their court hearing. What we explain to them is that, like other legal matters, it depends on the circumstances and factors of the case. 

When the Officer Does Not Show Up For Court

If the officer does not show up for court, he or she will likely notify the judge with a valid reason for their absence. Typically, rather than dismissing the case, the judge will move the case to the officers next court date . If, at this court date, the officer does not show up, the judge may contact the officer for an explanation. At this time, the judge might dismiss the case. As a traffic ticket lawyer, we know of very few cases that have been dismissed because the officer did not show. Even though, this idea is considerably popular, it should not be relied upon as a successful way to beat your ticket. 

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Another common misconception is that when a person hires a traffic ticket lawyer, it will scare the police officer into not showing up. This is untrue. A lawyer is not meant to scare away a police officer, nor does this happen. Rather, a lawyer is there to defend your rights and legal objectives. 

The Duties of a Ticketing Officer

In most states, police officers are assigned a court day every month. This is a day in which they must show up to court for all their open cases. If they fail to show, they will likely call the court to notify them of the absence. For instance, they may be handling an emergency; thus, unable to attend court. When this occurs, the judge will likely move the court date. Following this absence, on the next scheduled day, if the officer doesn’t show, the case may be dismissed. 

As a traffic ticket lawyer might explain to you, most officers do show up to court. If they don’t, it is likely they have a good excuse, and your case will be rescheduled. Relying on the idea that they won’t show, or you can schedule your own court date, is not a good strategy. If you are serious about beating your ticket, now is the time to call a traffic ticket lawyer. 

Call a Lawyer To Explore What Options Are Available

You do not need to pay your ticket without trying to fight it. Lawyers, like a traffic ticket attorney in Middletown, NJ from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., have helped many people, and more than likely, they had a similar situation to yours. Lawyers are knowledgeable, experienced, and diligent. Lawyers know the laws and rules, and how to navigate the court system in a way that protects your interests and rights. Let a lawyer explain what options may be available during a consultation. Call a law firm now to speak with a traffic ticket lawyer you can trust.