Common Reasons a Couple Gets Divorced

Common Reasons a Couple Gets Divorced

Common Reasons a Couple Gets Divorced


Divorce is a topic that not too many people enjoy discussing. The reality though is that quite a few marriages, nearly half in fact, typically result in a divorce. It is important to realize this statistic moving forward in order to prepare for the possibility that this could happen to you. While no one wants to hear that, the statistics reveal that is a smart thing to think about. 

Most Common Reasons for Divorce

There are a variety of reasons that a couple’s marriage ends in a divorce. Some of these reasons could be personal, financial, both or more. Here are some of the more common reasons that people get divorced:  

    • Loss of Intimacy – When the relationship seems to have lost its spark no matter what you try and do.
    • Loss of Trust & Lying – Lying varies from topic to topic, but most relationships are built on trust and repeated lying over time can lead to complete loss of trust in the relationship.
    • Infidelity – When one spouse emotionally or physically cheats on the other. This leads to loss of trust and possible irreconcilable differences. 
  • Financial Troubles – Issues over money and how one spends it and on what can lead to big troubles in a marriage.
  • Communication – These issues could start from small disagreements that turn into bigger ones over time. 

If you are dealing with some difficult issues in your marriage and are wondering about your options, then it may be time to discuss these matters with a divorce lawyer. They generally can offer some useful insight with their experience and make your potential divorce much smoother to handle. 

What to do Next

If you are dealing with any of these issues, there is no reason to panic. You can still try and communicate with your spouse about the issues at hand and if you both are able to listen to one another and seek out help, then the marriage could still be saved. If you have tried everything and you don’t think the marriage can survive, then divorce may be an option. 

Legal Representation

Legal representation has assisted numerous individuals and couples through their divorces. It may be in your best interest to seek out a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer who can help you out with your divorce. Divorce lawyers can talk you through the financial aspects of divorce, the family changes and more.