Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is receiving hundreds of complaints about large gatherings amid the threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus).



It is imperative that we as a community observe the newly implemented rules and protocols of the stay at home rules currently in effect, as numerous media outlets are reporting a high number of reports relating to violations of restaurants still working without drive-through, takeout or delivery service.  There is no doubt that you will find that there are still some local restaurants welcoming you on their premises and suggesting that you sit in dark corners within their establishments.  


It is most crucial that you remain vigilant of these efforts by these establishments.  And while we obviously understand their financial need to remain open to the public, together we must remain vigilant and observe our local Government Rules and Protocols regarding COVD-19.


Our law firm has been instructed by the Local Government to implement working remotely, and we are following the new rules.  And while there is no doubt that many of us are struggling with our new restrictions, whether with work or our children’s school policies, we will remain steadfast in our resolution to cooperate with our current situation and continue to push forward with our work on your cases.  We are diligent in our legal effort and are committed to giving our clients the remarkable representation they wholly deserve.


 We understand that most top local Government officials have issued orders for people to shelter in place, some folks are having a difficult time abiding with these new (temporary) rules.  So of course, we will continue to see our neighbors taking their nightly jogs, and believe it or not our neighborhoods are becoming even more, crowded with people running, and many with their kids riding their bikes or their dogs running alongside them.


But despite these recent orders regarding COVID-19, our local governments of the Metroplex has received hundreds of calls about continued large gatherings in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, it is primarily restaurants, parks, bars and gyms that are not complying with the orders.


It is understandable that local Police Departments within the Metroplex are experiencing a difficult time enforcing the public to stay in their homes.  We know this is uncharted territory for local officials — especially for our local Police. It is our understanding that current government policy is ordering all businesses that aren’t deemed essential also must stop operating until further notice.


When businesses do not follow our current emergency regulations, code officers will start issuing citations that will eventually have to get sorted out at local city courts. Currently, fines for noncompliance can range from $50 to $2,000. It’s unclear how much authority police have in enforcing county orders or how citations will be handled as many of these city municipal courts remain closed until further notice.


We are being informed that officials want to take every step in reducing fee and citations to establishment owners, and encourage these owners to abide by these Rules until further notified.


We at Brandy Austin Law Firm, urge you to please remain in your homes, healthy and safe. We will adhere to our most diligent effort to continue work on your case as your lawyer in Arlington, TX, and bring your matter to a successful conclusion.